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JLudwig said:
Also my local water reports usually don't include phosphate or Ca/Mg breakdown, do they need to legally provide this? I'm even willing to send some water away for a water report but I can't seem to find any labs that will do this...?
Jeff, the water report provided by your water company online or sent to you yearly is, more often than not, a very crude piece of document, lacking a lot of information planted tank folks want to know. Find the number for your water company which should be on the utility bill. Call and request for a COMPREHENSIVE water report. They will transfer you to the testing department where someone will take down your address. In 1-2 weeks, you'll get a 3-6-page report detailing all sorts of chemical breakdowns than you'll know what to do with. All the stuff we care about is usually in the first two pages.

Whatever they don't test for, you can request it. I am not sure if they are legally bound to oblige, but if you are anywhere near a big city where taxes are a-plenty :lol: then you'll have a little bit more leverage.

All this is free by the way. :biggrin:
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