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CO2, it's that simple.

Your testing is off or something but if you really are able to maintain 20-30ppm during the day, the BBA should not grow, once an alga stops growing, you have it licked.

Trim off and scrub pick etc any BBA off from that point and maintain good CO2 from here on and it'll never come back.

Adding K is not going to help much but may help the plants grow better.
I can say the so called "too much K+" folks are incorrect in their assessment as I have maintained all along.

Adding some KNO3 is needed in many/most CO2 enriched tanks.
But this will not influence BBA significantly.
It will increase plant growth/health which can help prevent other algae and help the plantrs regrow after trimming off the BBA.

Generally, depending on the tank/light/biomass, 1-3x a week of 1/4 teaspoon per 25 gal works well with a 50% weekly water change.

You will not need to add K if you use KNO3 since it supplies 4X(over) the K needs relative to N(nitrogen). So K will always be in excess relative to N.

Tom Barr
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