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I have been reading this thread for a while now and have gotten to the point where I must put pen to paper or in the cyber world fingers to keyboard.

Tom you are beginning to sound bitter and defensive is it perhaps that you recently set up a site that charges for YOUR supposed method that uses the shot in the dark technique and hope it works out? Or is it because you feel threatened by an approach called PPS that has provided people with solutions when the dose and flush method didn't work or are you just against anything that doesn't coincide with the way you think. I didn't realize there was only one way of doing things but evidently you have discovered the single solution. Congratulations!!!
In either case you have become quite transparent in your arguments and your criticisms.
As far as answers to your question go it is obvious you are not in this thread to find answers (as you already claim to have the answers) but only to criticize. However, we are anxiously waiting for the EI thread you were politely asked to begin, to promote your method. Perhaps it may be a good idea for you to promote your method there instead of here.

Direct quote from you
"method so called PPS"
"Many do this, is it really a method?" re PPS

I thought it was called PPS and not "so called PPS"
If PPS isn't really a method are water changes a method?

Let's take our own advice shall we Tom (and "we" includes me)
"Stay focused on the plants, not the personal issues."

In any case I am certain to receive a long winded response insulting me and using my words against me. But rest assured I will no longer post with respect to this argument as I feel it has turned into one person trying to flex their muscles over the opinions and the choices of others.
Welcome to America where your views are free to be expressed in a civilized manner.

Regards all (and my apologies to all at the same time for making my first post this one)
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