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PPS Pro and CO2

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Would ther be any difference in the dosing of PPS Pro if you are not using CO2? For now I'm running a 30 gal tank with 3wpg and no CO2 and looking for an easy way to fertalize it.
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May I ask, why no Co2?
3 wpg over a 30g tank will require some additional form of carbon, either through co2 or a liquid treatment like Seachem Flourish Excel.....the alternative will be massive algae problems.

With no co2,you will see string/thread/fuzz algae, BBA, GSA, GDA, rhizo, clado, or any of about a dozen forms of algae.

For a tank with no co2, ~1.8-1.9 wpg should not be exceeded and no additional ferts will be required.

I'd cut your lighting down to 1.5 wpg and then just toss in some traces once a week until you can put in co2.
This is my first tank, I have been using Seachem's Flourish line and Excel. Don't have any real problem with algae, just thought PPS would be easier then the Seachem fertzs.
For a tank like that, Excel is a suitable alternative to co2.

As long as you are dosing Excel according to Seachems directions, follow PPS or PPS-Pro directions as they are.
What plants do you have?
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