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PPS-Pro recipe storage

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Hello I am just getting started with dry ferts (thanks to Orlando from GLA) and now going to use the PPS Pro Solution. I will be using a 500ml bottles to mix in (macros and micros). The question I have is how long is the mix good for once I combine each of them in the bottles? Do you need to refrigerate or anything special with it once it is mixed?
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My macro solution has brown, cottony fungus type bits floating in it after about a month. I used RO/DI, it's in a white bottle under the cabinet.

Should I toss it?
It's a 500ml solid white bottle in an enclosed cabinet. I tossed it.
I used RO/DI and only get a few weeks of use out of it before noticing the issue. :(

I guess I'll try keeping it in the fridge next time.

I never got around to making the trace mix, waiting for a particular bottle to become empty, still dry dosing micros till then.
Maybe I should just continue the dry micros then, it's easy enough to do anyway. Makes sense to do the work of mixing all the macros for an easier regime (disclaimer: easier for some of us), but it sounds like it was all in vein for those that got fungus in their trace. I'm betting my luck will give me fungus in my micros as well.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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