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PPS-Pro recipe storage

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Hello I am just getting started with dry ferts (thanks to Orlando from GLA) and now going to use the PPS Pro Solution. I will be using a 500ml bottles to mix in (macros and micros). The question I have is how long is the mix good for once I combine each of them in the bottles? Do you need to refrigerate or anything special with it once it is mixed?
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Fungus??? Re: PPS-Pro recipe storage

Did the fungus in the micro solution cause infection or problems with the fish in the tank? My cardinals have come down with what looks like a bacterial infection and some with perhaps secondary fungal infection. My solutions have been mixed for about three weeks. I did not see this thread when I mixed them. I use peroxide bottles and store in refrigerator. I just pulled out the micros and it looks like maybe there is some kind of contaminant - tiny threadlike possible fuzzy lint sized particles.

I see the reference to a few drops of anti-fungal. Are we talking methalyne blue?


I started treatment with melafix and pimafix.
For Macros I'm using 500m peroxide bottle refrigerated.
For Micros I'm dosing dry now (following the fungus issue even with RO and refrigeration)

It is working beautifully.
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