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Re: Practical advise needed on setting up a low-pH species t

I don't know about killies, but for wine bettas (persephone, coccina etc), they are found NOT in blackwater or clearwater streams (both have plants), but in very shallow, fairly stagnant, leaf-littered, somewhat brown/muddy pools usually close to the blackwater streams..... under deep shade and amidst heavy brush/bush. No plants, not even algae, to speak off..... but I have kept coccina (died when jumped) in normal planted tanks before, and they did wonderfully, with vibrant colours and competing well even with rasboras. I think if your tank is generally healthy and the fish are compatible, peat filtration isn't vital. As long as the pH is below 7, it should be fine.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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