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I think this all depends on your application. Are you trying to breed or just create a nice show tank with the bettas and whatnot? Most of the Betta breeders I know use RO.

Peat filtration usually involves the addition of a small quantity of peat moss to your filter media. Garden stores usually carry it. It will lower your pH, but the degree to which it will do so is hard to say. I would be very careful adding acids as found in peat to your water, since it has less than a degree each of KH and GH. That is not a very strong buffer.

I would try the fish in your water "as-is". Your water seems about perfect for most softwater fish. I don't think pH plays much of a role with them...I think a low pH is an assumed requirement for softwater fish because soft water is usually acidic. Either way, try it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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