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I found a really small gravel vac at a store. Intake tube is perhaps 3/4" diameter, and only about 6" long. Outlet is about 3/8" tubing. The connection between the two is so small that it constantly gets plugged with just a small bit of leaf. I went back to the larger GV for the larger tanks, but still use the little one for 10 gallon and smaller.

One way to step down the sizing is to use PVC reducing bushings. These would be available at a plumbing or irrigation store.
If you are using all tubing (such as the vinyl tubing so common in aquariums DIY projects) you can get reducing fittings for most sizes of this tubing, too.

Another option for collecting fallen leaves but not the substrate is to put a nylon stocking over the GV. Then put your hand in the tank as needed to remove the leaves from the gravel vac. You could even use a single size of tubing for this, since the added force will hold the leaf bits better, and re-capture any that escape your hand.
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