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Has anyone come up with a handy manouverable sucker for planted tanks. the standard one sold comes with a very large head that isn't really fit for getting into knooks and crannies. This was fine when i had a tank of rocks and fake plants and could move everything around and really wanted to suck all the dirt out of the gravel...not so much in a planted tank. So, genius that I am, just bought half inch tubing and started sucking around with that....well, w/o the pressure differential between the front and back end, it just sucks gravel right up (not even sticking it in the gravel) so that didn't work so well...

before i start testing plans, has anyone developed a good tool for this?

What i'm looking to is suck up in and around plants where dead plant leaves and what not have been caught...also into the nooks and crannies of the hardscape where fallen leaves get caught (mine has a bunch) rather than floating to the surface or sticking to an intake.

i'm thinking of using my half inch wide tubing at the front and std airline at the back and seeing how that goes...but, before i waste a few feet of tubing, wondering if anyone has come up with a genius solution.

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