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I will be out of town for some months, so I will be asking my wife to take care of the tank for me. I figured I should mix my dry chemicals in water and have her add a fix amount of this mix ONCE PER WEEK after the water change.

My tank:
20 gal long
A&H 55w PC kit
L. Repens
B. Monnieri
B. Caroliniana
Crypt Lutea
3 or 4 unknown plants

The mix:
- 500 ml water
- 4 tbsp KNO3
- 1/2 tbsp KH2PO4
- 6 tbsp Plantex CSM

I plan on having the tank dosed 10ml of this mix once per week after the water change. This should come up (If my math was right) to:
1) ~11 ppm K
2) ~1.8 ppm P
3) ~1.5 ppm Fe

1) does this seem like a good fertilizing regimen?
2) I am having problems mixing the solution... I mixed it last week, and this week there was a think layer of chemical at the botom of the container... had to mix it with a stick. I then mixed it in the liquifier. Any tips on mixing the chemicals so they will last longer as a solution?

I am attaching a pic of the tank...

Extra question... how do you attach pictures from the albums here so they are shown in the post? I've tried but always get the red X... meaning the picture was not found at the specified URL...


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Thanks Steve! I will try mixing everything on a pepsi bottle...

Edward, I do not have K2SO4 or MgSO4, so I will stick to my current formula for now.

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I´m back!


It has been a while, but I am back. I recently moved from Miami to Monterrey, Mexico. Before that I was involved in a quite hectic project, I wasn´t home for around 5 months, and came home to a beautiful tank! The formula worked, and my wife did a great job... I enjoyed it for a week and had to take it down because of my moving to Mexico.

I have not yet setup my tank here... and I have a lot to explore in the site, I see there are many new things. Congrats!

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