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Pressurized co2 help

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i've decided i'm most likely going to get a pressurized system. i think i want to buy a package, rather than buying individual pieces. which one of these is better? the jbj or milwakee?

do i need to buy something thats not included in these combos? like check valves or anything?

i think i'm gunna go with 10 or 20 tank. since either will be too tall to fit underneath, where is a good placement? what about if it does one of those pressure release things, i dont want to freeze the glass on my tank and have it shatter or something.

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I am not sure about the JBJ system as I have not used it but I have been using the Milwaukee regulator with solenoid and bubble counter for a few months and I am very happy with it. I do not use a pH controller as there are other things in the water that can affect the pH. I just watch my drop checker and turn it on via the solenoid an hour before lights on and off an 30minutes before lights off.

Check in your area for CO2 places, AirGas or others, and you will probably find the tanks you want available there. Also I got a refurbed 10lb tank on ebay for $70 shipped!!

You will defenitely need check valves, brass one probably the best, but I got mine at work so I am not sure where the best place to get one is. If you go with the Milwaukee system at Aquabuys then you will need CO2 tubing also.
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I bought this package and have been generally pleased.

The bubble counter is no good and broke very quickly but the regulator and diffusor work well. I thought it was a pretty good deal and got me up and running quickly.

I got my CO2 tank at a local welding shop---you will need to find one of these shops anyway for refills.

Good luck!

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thanks for your replies!

i ended up going with the jbj (i dont really know why) but it says it comes with a check valve. i also ordered a 20 tank. after calling many local welding suppliers, i found out they only do swaps. i'm not swapping my brand new aluminum tank for some rusty old steel one. but i did find a fire extinguisher place that will refill.

You wont freeze your tank with co2 unless its got a blow or a major leak. My co2 tank have never freeze up or even close to freezing up.. So i dont think co2 and do that .. I just know nitrogen and oxgyen freeze fast. That looks like a really good combo... Does it come with a co2 reactor if not you should get one and get a good one. Dont spend money on cheap co2 reator and doesnt mix good in the water and you lose more co2 than you are putting into the tank.
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