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Well i have recieved even more emails on this so here is my reply about price matching items

We only price match items in stock. I have had quite a few customers from a certain other company contact me saying this has happened with them. Over the last 3 weeks I have had @ least 15 people contact me concerning this 2 from this board alone . One customer was waiting 4 weeks for the same item you have ordered. My opinion is certain companies may do this just to get their name out there but usually do not have many items.

I can tell you for sure the manufacturer has PLENTY in stock and it takes less than 7 days for any company to receive them.

The problem I see with some of the items a certain company is selling is they are selling the BELOW DISTRIBUTOR pricing which is below regular wholesale. So this is why I have come to this conclusion. CERTAIN vendors MAY basically be trying to create a price war for products they do not have. Selling below cost as well as then hoping the person will cancel and ask another vendor to price match which would basically mean the vendor that supplied this would be loosing $.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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