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problems with images

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I have noticed that links to images lately are rather haphazard as to whether they show up or not. A good example is the post by Gian on the Crypt Nuts forum.

He actually linked 10 images, but all ten never show up. sometimes I get none, sometimes four, sometimes five, sometimes only one.

Also, most of the time, but not always, I have to log in twice. I have tried deleting all my cookies, but it still happens. The first page I get, as a guest, is incompletely downloaded with most of the links at the top missing.
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How did you get that link? It is using the exact server URL rather than

Also, how do you get to this site? Via favorites link, type in URL or do you have it in the history?
I have the same problem, only some of the pics show up. When I click on your link Art I get an error, heres what it looks like:

Not Found
The requested URL /forum/... was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

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I got the link by copying and pasting. That is what it was this morning. Now I see that it is
Just now trying some reloading, On the first try I got seven out of the 10 image locations in his post. Second try-----zero, thrid try-------three, fourth try-------three.

Could this be a Netscape problem? I tried logging in with Internet Explorer, and got 6 images and there were four little picture icons with red X's in them. Apparently Netscape disappears the picture icons if it doesn't get the pictures quickly. Internet Explorer keeps them.

I got to the site while browsing the forum. I went to Crypt Nuts, and then to "crypt ID (with flower)"
Additional information----
The address of my bookmark for APC is But, when I click on this bookmark I get sent to

This opens up the page with the incomplete headings---most of the links at the top are missing. If I click on the log in on the right side of the page, I get sent to

1. Your bookmark address is bad. Looks like it was somehow hijacked or was saved incorrectly. Use

for a bookmark if you are looking to get to the main forum page when you want to. This may also help with your log in issues. Delete your current bookmark, cut and paste the link above into a broswer and then save.

2. I also get some broken pictures on that page you posted using multiple browsers, on both a PC and a Mac. The pictures are NOT hosted on APC but on imagestation. The issue most likely is the other site is not offering up the image in a timely manner, hence the broswer does not display. It could be that the page is requesting 10 images at once and it's overwhelming something along the way.
Thanks for the help, Gnatster

I changed the bookmark address. It used to work until the switch to the dedicated server.

The other problem with the pictures not showing up reliably isn't just a problem with a post that has a large number of images. I have seen it happen in posts with only one or two pictures. I don't know if a fix is possible on our end. I hope one is. Maybe it happens only when the server defined by the link is busy or not responding.
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