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problems with watersprite

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Hi folks,
Just wondering about those of you who are successful in growing watersprite
what your water parameters are: ph, hardness, temp, etc. When I was in Maine it grew great, but now that I live in Alabama, it withers at a gaze ](*,)

Also would like to know what a safe method (fishwise) is in lowering the ph--
specifically a method not peat-based. I keep killies and watersprite is like the
canary in a coal mine: if it's looking good, the fish are happy, too! :)

Thanks in advance for any advice given,

Bill Ruyle
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Hi Piscesgirl,
I've just been trying to determine (alongwith change in water) if there's something else I'm doing differently down here. Silaquosa (sp) grew quite
well in a minibow-7 with no CO2 in Maine (lighting was just one 13w cf)
and a flourite substrate. What are you using for substrate? Thanks.

Thanks folks, for your advice. Since 'sprite will grow in a variety of conditions,
I must have not been keeping up with the ferts as much as I should. I hope
to regain this plant as it's one of my favorites. ;-)

Thanks again,

Piscesgirl said:
Bill, might your tanks be too clean?
Humm, I do weekly water changes for the fish-- about 40-50% each week.

Is this too much for water sprite? Does it like "old water?" Curious. :???:

My water change simply consists of removing 40-50% of the water (vacuuming up the detritus from the bottom of the tank with a hose) and
replenishing with dechlorinated water. I use dry ferts of Potassium Nitrate
and Mono Potassium Phosphate followed by a trace mix the next day. I used
to refert all 3 on the same day, but now wait (per Tom Barr) for adding traces
a day later. I may not be dosing enough Potassium Nitrate :neutral:

Too clean water means there is an absence of nutrients/minerals in the water, kind of like RO and distilled water would be considered "too clean."

I should have stated that my fert routine is more recent than my failure
in water sprite. Last summer I had ordered, was given, all kinds of water
sprite only to have them all die while other plants hobbled along ok. I've found
a definite improvement in all my plants with using macros (before it was just
traces) and will try 'sprite again! Thanks! ;-)
Simpte 27, do you have liquid rock like most Ohioans? 8ph...sure does dispel the myth of watersprite liking soft, acid water. What kind of substrate do you have in the nonCO2 tank. Is it a Walstad?

Bill Ruyle
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