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I'm re-doing the 90 gallon planted tank, and am intruiged by puffer fish. Normally I set it up with a variety of Tetras and Clown Loaches; and don't want to setup the tank as a species-specific tank. I'd like to have a variety of fish with the collection of puffers, I saw one video on youtube of puffers living with neons. Of course I want everything fresh water too. Too much to ask? Heck - I don't know - please weigh in. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Too much to ask. Puffers can seem like they are getting along with other species and each other, then one day you walk in on shredded fins and worse.

Species tank for a Puffer.
Yeah I was intrigued too until they ran out of snails and started shredding my fish. Not recommended for the community.
I had two dwarf puffers that did fine in my community tank (rainbows, tetras, etc.) but only if I kept them satisfied with bloodworms. If they got hungry they started nipping others. I also at one time had two "leopard" puffers. One was hot and cold and I finally got rid of him when he just got too aggressive and bothered too many other fish. The other one I still have and have had for about 9 months now. Peaceful as can be and never bothers anyone else at they vary....
I will add this: I bought 4. After a few days they started nipping my fish. I tried to catch them to return them to the store. I could only catch 3. The one that remains is well-behaved.

So seems some are fine and some are not. But ya don't know until you get them in your tank. NOT worth it to me. Wouldn't mind a species only tank some time...they are cute little buggers.
My GSP is very peacefull but I keep him well fed. He or she is pretty cautious around other fish, even if a small tiger barbs comes its way it will get out of the way.

It is especially intimidated by my large Angle fish and Gramouri.

But will come to the surface and eat from my hand and has never nipped me.

I was in Portland and saw a community tank in the wet spot with puffers, loaches and some larger tetras. The tag just said Colombian puffers (that I remember) and when I asked about them I was told the are 100% freshwater and the loaches were the most aggressive fish in the tank. They said that with one or two exceptions this was true every time. Someone may be able to figure out the scientific name but there seems to be hope for you.
To be on the safe side puffers are better kept in a species only tank. Puffers will even turn on each other. Sometimes they can be kept with other fish, it just depends on each individual puffer. I've heard stories where puffers will live peacful with other fish for months or even years. Then for no reason just turning on them, either killing or badly injurying them.
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