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I'm reviving this thread because I'm having some stunting problems with my E. stellata. This stuff was growing great when I neglected the tank. LOL

I've been dosing using EI and this stuff has just stunted and branches out like everyone else describes here. It also loses its bright green color and goes to sort of a brownish green then it sends up new shoots but those only last a while before they stunt also. Really bizarre behavior.

this has happened since I upped my wattage from 2.9 wpg to 4.4 wpg. Increased ferts as per EI.
8mls/day flourish

Allthe other plants are growing like crazy. Do you suppose that its adapting to the new parameters. I must say that I was having problems keeping NO3 steady at first with the new increased lighting, Do you suppose this may be part of it?

Do you think substrate tabs will help?

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