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Question about single gauge regulator

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I finally got all my pieces and parts. Had to do this bit by bit over a couple of months.
Got my husband to spring for new lights.
Scored a used CO2 tank and regulator on ebay for real cheap. Guess nobody knew what it really was. Appears to be nearly new. Got bummed out when I couldn't find a place within a 2 hour drive to fill a tank. Couple weeks went by and I had begun to give up the search when a friend in the hospitality business appeared with big, full CO2 tank. Unhooked the yeast and put my regulator on the tank. It's working!!!
I only have a 29 gallon tank, this should last me a long time.

What I'm not sure of is what is the gauge reading? Pressure in the tank or pressure heading out?
The tank sat outside in my car from dawn until 1/2 an hour ago. It's barely 25 degree out now. Cold! Gauge is reading about 50 and just barely into the red area. Will things change as the bottle warms up to room temp? I was told it's full. Feels full, I had to put a little umphf into it carrying the thing into the house. Not sure what I'm reading here.

This is the set I got. Now with a much bigger tank.
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Yes things will change as the tank warms up. I would suggest not setting it up until it is a room temperature.

The single guage measures the output pressure. That means you cannot measure the tank pressure, which is normally at abou 850 pounds until the liquid co2 is used up and only gas remains in the tank. Then the tank pressure starts to drop - slowly. So you will have to pick up the tank every so often and try to guage the amount of liquid in it.

I would suggest you try to resell the single guage regulator and get one with two guages. Harbor Freight and other places have such for $35-38 or so. The 2nd guage is really handly.

Also be sure to get a needle valve. Clippard's MNV-4k2 works adequately. If you have a local distributor, it should cost about $11. About double that from an aquarium mail order place.

For more info on pressurized co2, look at my web site.

Bob Pressure CO2
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Thanks Bob. I have your page bookmarked. No local distributors. I'm sort of in the middle of nowhere.

Am I correct in assuming that a full tank, the size they hook to soda/beer hookups is going to last me a long time?

Just bought a very old house. Needs a lot of work before we can move in, most of it is falling on us. I've got the original wiring in the place and can't even run the tank at this house until upgrades start happening. Tank is not going to get my full attention. Few months would give me some breathing room.
Depending on the size of your co2 tank, it should last quite a while. My 5 pound co2 tank lasts about 8 months for my 55 gallon tank. YOu can estimate from that.

Good luck with tank.... and house to keep it in! :D

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