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Question on central mound type layouts

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I decided to rescape my 60 P and go with a central mound type layout with stone/driftwood and anubias petite at the center of the wood. I plan to have a green "bush" (let's see if I can trim it that way :doubt:) of Rotala sp. "green" behind the wood arrangement. I ordered some Rotala macandra "narrow leaf" to add a red accent to this bush.

My question is what is the best way to plant the red stems?
1) Plant all the reds as a single grouping right in the middle of the bush?
2) Intersperse the red stems along with the green but more or less in the central area of the bush?
3) Have a small grouping of reds arranged as one or two rows all at the back of the bush?
4) Some other arrangement?

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Plant them right next to each other. Have the green taller and nicely trimmed, and the red about 3/4 its height trimmed nicely next to it. Or...plant the green in the back and the red right in front of it but shorter so the green stands out. I think it will look neat when your done.
The Rotala macandra narrow leaf did not come in after all. Any suggestions for not too demanding red stems whose leaf shape compliments a Rotala rotundifolia "green" bush?
You might try Ludwigia arcuata. I find it turns red easily with good light and it branches easily to form a nice bush.
That's exactly what I bought (plus some mini rotalas) from APC member, apistaeasy! Looks like I might get some red after all [smilie=d:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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