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Questions about switching tanks

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I have a 20 gallon tank that has some issues, plus it is overcrowded. I plan to replace it with a larger tank, much better filtration, and fresh substrate. My problem is, the water parameters on the old tank are a bit odd and I don't know if the fish will need special acclimation. This is what I am dealing with:

old tank: 20 gallon, 4 years old, pressurized CO2 and Excel, flourite/laterite/gravel mix, GH 14, KH 10, Ph 7.2.

new tank: 29 gallon, flourite black, pressurized CO2, probably Excel. The readings on my other four tanks are: GH 3, KH 3-4.5, Ph 6.6-6.8.

I used salt every week for the first two years ( I had mollies). I have been doing big water changes weekly (40%) for the past year and watching the KH, and it hasn't budged. I assume the problem is in the substrate. Will the change from hard to soft water stress the fish? (four rosy barbs, three odessa barbs, and two pepper cories) If I use water from the old tank, maybe 50%, could I bring the problem with it (whatever the problem is)? Also, the tank is full of crypts which I plan to transplant... how will that go? And the big question, was it the salt that made the GH and KH so high? Or is there something else I am missing?
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I'm not too sure about the salt causing your water hardness to spike up like that if you are using aquarium salt. Maybe if you're using epsom then that could be the cause. As for your fish, you could do a slow drip acclimation over a few hours or even longer. Just imagine its like getting fish from lfs and having to acclimate them. For your crypts, they will most likely melt. Heck they melt on me if I move them to the other side of the tank. Hth...
I think I might try to do W/C every 3 days and see if the water parameters begin to budge. You could also put some peat moss in a bag in the tank. That would slowly bring it down. It will be less stress on your plants and fish if you can do it slowly.
I did a huge water change yesterday and now GH is 8 and KH is 5. I will keep an eye on it... maybe change again Tuesday and switch tanks next Saturday. Anything to stop the dreaded crypt melt... there are three different kinds and they have all spread everywhere. They will not be happy about being dug up, I know...
I don't think there is much you can do about crypt melt. If they are healthy, they shouldn't lose too many leaves and they should bounce back real quick. Hope that the move goes smoothly for you.
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