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Questions about the Aquatic Gardeners Association

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Hey all,

After talking with a number of people about the AGA it's come to my attention that a lot of folks who are "up to date" with the state of the hobby, particularly those involved in discussion boards like APC, aren't satisfied by what the AGA offers its members. Since the AGA exists solely to help the hobby and the hobbyists who make it up it's important that the AGA keep up with its members and their needs/desires.

Would you please take some time to tell me what you like and dislike about membership in the AGA? Specifically, and constructively, speaking to the points which you feel need change will be of the most help.

The only thing I'd like to say before this is, if you're not satisfied with the articles in TAG and the information it does/does not provide it's up to you to submit articles. TAG is almost exclusively written by the AGA membership, but we can't publish what we don't get. It's up to you to make TAG what you want it to be.

With that, please, write away. If you're not comfortable writing something for public view, please send it in an email to me:

[email protected]

Thank you,
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I agree with Matt on the Amano issue. I respect his work, but am not really a big fan of it. I think there is too much emphasis placed on his influence and I would like to see more diversity.

A few on this forum have stated they don't like the rehash of old posts. I disagree. I don't normally read the AGA mailing lists, and I find the 'Stranded on the List' to be humorous and often quite informative. I especially enjoyed the summary of the discussion on soil in the issue before last. Often in reading the article I'm inspired to visit the list archive and read a month or two's worth of posts... Although I'm not crazy about the format on the FINS index.

As far as printed media being dead-- I have to disagree here. I read several forums on a semi-regular and regular basis. Every issue of TAG I receive is like Christmas for me because it's something I can read on the commode... or in bed... or on the couch etc. The articles offer something very different from the content I find online, and I enjoy reading past issues from time to time as well. I know it's more expensive to offer a print magazine, but if it were available only by a member-only online version it's highly unlikely that I would read it. I would also be unlikely to renew my subscription.

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