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Part of the issue is we have many sources now all competing for the same info. Where once TAG was the source for more of the esoteric aspects of the hobby. leaving the broad stroke articles to FAMA and TFH. Now there other outlets that long time TAG contributors are using, most of them "instant" Internet publishing. Unfortunately this diminishes the pool of contributing authors and sometimes has TAG look outdated when similar information is published months later due to the leads needed.

A larger pool of competent contributors to TAG could help increase it's desirability. I know thats is very difficult to achieve. Another way TAG could be more relevant is to publish and on-line pdf type version only open to members with supplemental articles between printed releases. Printed media is certainly not dead. It's hard to curl up under a blanket on a cold winters day with steaming cup of coco and a computer monitor and lose yourself for a while.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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