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I know this has been brought up a few but here goes anyways.
I have been using both on Alternating days for my High lit 20 gal planted.
1ml. of the Seachem iron
2ml of the Plantex ( 2 tbls. mixed 591 ltr. bottle)
I also just added to my substrate some Seachem root tabs..
What I'm starting to see is algae forming on the glass within a couple of
days after my usual 50% water changes ( once per wk.) and a wee bit
of thread as well on a couple of plants..
I got a feeling I am dosing tooo much Iron on this (rex mentioned as well)
Would like to get some more feedback on this please..
I put one of the Tabs right by the E. Stellata before the algae issue just
because I heard this would be good for it in general but this plant has not
been doing nearly as good as it should.. I know that I should not be getting the algae growth on the glass like this..
Should I back off on the Seachem Iron??
Should I use the same dosage but decrease the amount of days or
should I continue but just back off on the 1ml.. ( say .5??)

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( on Rex Criggs advise and a few others I have done the following)

Reduced the "Micros" basically.. I was advised that I most likely am
dosing too much Iron..

I can see that it is a gradual uptake of this and to go slowly upon
addition. ( according to the plants etc.)

I have done so- within this past wk. Big reduction in the Algae situation.
Still a little forming on the glass but none essiencially on the plants..
The Seachem Iron is from what I've heard pretty potent so at this point
I have stopped on it and am just going on the Plantex/Boron
and have actually reduced to 1ml. every other day for starters......
I am trying to learn to judge this according to the plants intake...
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