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quick update on the inclinata

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I can get the plant to grow and root well.

The problem is, I cannot keep this plant compact and orange unless it is growing across the surface. The plant send out long internodal to reach the surface asap when I cut and replant.

The inclinata shows sign of insufficient light near the bottom of the stem. It will lose all the lower leaves and green up near the bottom

no3 is 5-6
po4 is 2

I am not sure if I have sufficient amount of light to grow this plant in the 75 G or not having enough red coloring in the bulbs.

It is running 4x 55 Watt 2x 6700k 2x 5500k. the bulbs are approx 1 year old. This is the cheap AH bulbs. I will be replacing the bulbs once I have enough money to do so.

On a side note, the L. sessilfolia was really leggy in this tank as well. This was 1/2 year ago when I was keeping it in the tank.

Thanks for your help
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If your bulbs are about a year old,
they are probably not putting out enough light.

They seem to lose some of their efficiency at about six months.

Although normal output flourescent bulbs do lose lighting output over the course of 6-12 months, power compacts from AH supply do not. I use power compacts until they burn out. With nearly 3 wpg PC lighting, you have more than enough light to grow anything. Long internodes are not a sign of poor lighting in this case.

To shorten internodes, try raising your PO4 levels to 2 ppm and keep them there. Keep nitrate ~5-10 ppm and your iron/traces high. Your internodes should shorten nicely, and the Ludwigia inclinata should become much more colorful.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your help.

I feed beefheart as a daily food source for discus, so the Fe is always in the extremely high level. Which is a better choice for dosing trace without Fe, Botanica micro or Flourish trace?

I know I am low in micro because the new growth on the L sp. 'cuba' tends to be yellow without trace supplement.
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