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R. sp " Nanjenshan", R. wallichii and HM trims

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I have R. sp " Nanjenshan"- 25-30 stems 4-6"
R. wallichii- 10 - 4-6 "
and HM - soft ball size clump.
Needs to Go ASAP. I can meet at Fish Gallery.
NASH members only.
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Cool. I'll take a little of everything. Setting up an emerse setup right now. Thanks Bhushan

Spoken for. That was fast.
Good lord! it took you 8 minutes to grab the plants, you are quick dude.
you snooze you lose. :ninja: If someone need it for their scape, go ahead and give it to them. this is just for a project I'm messing with since I'm bored. :bored:
I need those plants Thanh. Need to setup a new tank for a friend. Just enough plants to for initial setup.
Thanh, i will have a few more stems of each available as I trim my Mini M in a couple of days.
Trung, once I get it. Check out the for sale subforum. :pound:

Bhushan, go ahead and give it to Trung. Trung, make your friend a NASH member. That's one of the perks for joining.
I'm working on being an aquatic plant farmer. [smilie=u:
I will have some Hydrocotele verticalla and willow moss trimmings for this weekend for anyone who might want them. Pickup at FG.

Incidentally, the my UG is finally starting send out runners!
Willow moss is spoken for. Available for pickup tomorrow at the FG, hydrocotle verticilaris, Rotala sp "green" and rotala colorata
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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