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Radican Sword for FREE or trade ::Its gone now::

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Ive got a nice size radican sword plantlet that someone can have free if you pay shipping, or maybe we can work out a trade? PM me if interested.



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What kind of lighting do you need for that Sword? All I've got is lights (roughly 1.5 WPG) and fish poop for fertilizer. No CO2, no Laterite, no Eco-Complete, nada. Currently keeping low to moderate light plants (Rotala Indica and Cryptocorne Ciliata). Some Aponogeton bulbs sprouting too.
Ive got it growing with two watts per gallon normal flourescents. It would probably do fine in your tank if you put some flourish tabs under the roots. Would you like it? I'll even throw in a baby java fern or two if you like.
Definately. Kevin, YGPM. You know, like back in the days of AOL, YGM = You've Got Mail...? Yea, it was kinda lame. :?
Ive got mail YAY!

(crank yankers) lOl
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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