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If you couldn't tell already, I am fundraising for a new setup...I thought I would do a reef, but my heart still lies in plants :) I might as well use the funds creatively with a spiffy new setup using ADA stuff :D

As a thank you to those supporting this, I am offering a little extra for forum members only (with atleast 10 posts...not 1 liner/word posts ;)).


Number: Choose a number 1-1000 and post in this thread (after you win the auction). The closest person wins. If you win more than one auction, you get considerably more chances to win* Please check THIS thread to make sure that the number hasn't been taken already.

EligibilityAnyone who wins one (or more*) of my fundraising aquabid auctions and is a member here. These fundraising auctions are the ones ending in January through _______(?).

winner: chooses any TWO of the plants below and I pay shipping (standard priority mail)
runner ups (2nd and 3rd closes people): chooses any 1 of the plants below and you pay $5 including priority mail shipping :)

Plants(subject to availability):
small marbled nana on drifwood, weeping moss, marsilea minuta, rotala sp. vietnam, ludwigia sp. cuba, 2 leaf hemianthus, Stellata broad leaf...and whatever other goodies I might come up with (will let the winners know)

Winning more than one auction:
Auctions won : How many numbers you can pick
1 : 1
2 : 3
3 : 6
4 : 10
5 : 15
(doubt anyone will win more...let alone 5, but if they do, you can figure out the progression :D)

If you happen to have the top 2 or 3 numbers due to multiple auction wins, then we can work something out in your favor :)

CLUE!!!!: NPK ...not like the clue will help you LOL..except for those creative people who think like I do ...oh wait, that was another clue :lol:
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