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Rainbow Fish Near Dc Or Mail Order??

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jUST RE DID my 150 and I am looking for a source for rainbows. Aquarium Center / Depot is not what it used to be and the only other place with decent fish in the area is House of Tropicals. I remember that there used to be a BIG breeder in MD but can not remember his name. Does ANYONE have a good source either in DC< MD<VA OR mail order? Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
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im selling some juvie M. parva in the selling forum if you like smaller r'bows.
Anyone else? These fish used to be so common and now I guess no one is breeding them anymore?
The last time I was looking at I think they had Reds, Boemans and Australians. but that was nearly a year ago. You might check their site.

Oddball Fish listed by Taoyeah is very good for Rainbow's they have very nice fish. Have used them several times. I do have some large Rainbow's for sale but have never shipped fish before.
what species are they?
Oddball Fish listed by Taoyeah is very good for Rainbow's they have very nice fish. Have used them several times. I do have some large Rainbow's for sale but have never shipped fish before.
I already wrote to GOLIDAD farms as they have the most extensive list I have found thus far, but they will not sell directly to the public but will sell to a fish/ plant club. Anyone in the DC DE, MD, VA area interested? Maybe through GWAPA or another fish group?

Any other sites that you guys know of?
if u buy.,buy a pair pawi for me,i pay u back:D
Go on aqua bid and look under rainbow fish. Look for rarefishatlax. This is Kent and Tanner here is California. Kent is well know through out the Rainbow fish community for breeding only pure strains of Rainbows. He is one of the major collectors and has collected several of the varieties of Rainbows that we see today. If you want pure strains go through him. If you want washed out hybrids go to your LFS.
I purchased 2 adult male packages from Tanner and I will not get into it, but I WOULD NEVER reccomend this guy to ANYONE!!!! 1 inch fish, mostly australians, mullocchis and other everday 2.00 fish! A WASTE of $270.00!!!!!!

MAYBE I should have dealt with KENT instead of Tanner!!!!!!!

Live and learn
I'd sure like to know where you can find Australian rainbows or Mucolluchis of any size for $2.00. I don' buy the packages. I just buy the species I want. Never had a problem my self. I certainly have had problems buying them from any one else. They are very seldom what they say they are going to be and they are really washed out and almost always hybrids. At least I know I am getting a true pure species when I buy from Tanner or Kent. I know some one on here complained once about getting a fish in their package they thought was a cull because it was damaged when they got it. The six packs always come with a couple extras in case of shipping damage or DOAs. I have always got six healthy fish plus two extras that are also healthy so I have always gotten eight fish for the price of six. Not a bad deal considering the money I have wasted buying from any one else or a farm or LFS. The farms are hybrid factories and I would never buy from them.
Sorry for the delayed response. Bleher's, Emerald, and Goyder River.
All came from Oddballfish. I also have a Red Irian but he has one eye clouded over.
can you post some pic of your emerald rainbows?male and female?
All males

But, alas, I just sold them a few minutes ago. They are beautiful fish that I have raised from little guys


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Oh, here is the Emerald


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Actually I just moved to Falls Church and got my aquariums set back up a week ago. Miraculously, all but one of my rainbows survived quite healthy. My one aquarium has them at the cute half-grown size, but I know I have too many. I could hook you up with a couple of splendida or bosemoni if you are still looking.
On a side note, I had tons of splendida fry I've raised. I actually gave up the parents with a bunch of immatures to the LFS when I moved from Cleveland to Cincinnati a year ago, and let the immatures grow back into my display fish.

Bosmoni are harder for some reason. They never seem to produce more than a few eggs at once.

And I have seen splendidas go for $2 in a couple Cleveland LFS. Everyone seems to have good luck breeding them there.
OH DEAR LORD!!!!! Thanks for the response.
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