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I think it's hard to tell how an individual fish will react in a particular set-up. Good to read about them for guidelines, but it may not go as expected. I have four young unidentified Rainbows (about half sized) and a large 'Turquoise' male. They've been with Red Cherry Shrimp for several months. My tank is heavily planted but the Rainbows don't seem to be hunting for them, either. I had switched them out of their dedicated tank to dose Excel for algae, and they had a population boom. I didn't even think it would work out, but it did. So I left the shrimp in the tank with the Rainbows. I had an Otocinclus cat in here too, but had to move Oto out when he decided to taste the rainbows. But my Turq never seemed to notice the Oto, either.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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