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Raising Brine Shrimp?

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I have been attempting to raise brine shrimp for awhile now and I can hatch them quite well but I am having problems raising them. I tried putting them near a windowsill and they died. I tried feeding them egg yolk in small fish bowl and they died. Right now however I have a tank with a air stone in it and they seem to be OK. I am feeding them yeast that does dissolve into the water correct? And when it dissolves the shrimp eat it by filtering the water right? Does anyone have good advice on how to raise the shrimp? Any comment will be MUCH appreciated as I would love to know how to do this the "right" way ;)

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Thank you much!!
you want to feed them spirulina powder as well keep the water VERY cold with lots of flow honestly its a real pain to grow brine shrimp to adulthood and can be very pricey to get the right setup going. honestly its just easier to get adult brine shipped to you rather than try and raise it but hey if you can do it congrats!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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