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Rams or Apistos?

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In my tank, I have two small schools - Harlequin Rasboras for some energy and Threadfin Rainbows for some elegance :) I adore these two schools, and I want to add a M/F pair of showcase fish in a few weeks that these two schools can flatter well. I'm basically looking at dwarf cichlids - either German Blue Rams or an Apistogramma species that has some rich color. Taking the coloring and fin structure into consideration, what showcase fish would you use in your tank? It might also do well to mention that my tank has a lot of warmth in color as well - I have quite a few red stems in there.

Thanks for your input :D
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I just started a thread with an almost identical question.

I finally settled on W. African dwarf chiclids. There are several to choose from, and even several color morphs within some of the species. In temperament and behavior they're very similar to apistos and rams. There are some fabulous fish to choose from.
It would also be of help to know what size your tank is and what your water parameters (hard, soft, acidic, alkaline?) are. I know both Ram's and Apisto's are very similar in water requirements, but there may be some little thing to throw it one way or another.

IMO, there are a lot more types of Apisto's to choose from, but you can't go wrong with Ram's either, if your heart is set on one or the other of those two choices. :)
If you want just color, apistos are a better choice, but most times people have better luck with rams as far as hardiness. And as Jan said, we really need to know the tank size to suggest anything species wise. In a 10 I wouldn't add either since you have schools already and likely hit the max fish level in that tank, but ina 20L you could do a pair of rams or apistos. westies like kribensis I really would suggest a 30L unless you know the morph you have is "friendly". I have several species, some kill eachother in well planted 30g! that's with ditherfish too.
I have a 29 gallon heavily planted tank, and my two schools are small with only 5 fish in each. Water around here is on the hard side, but it's not ridiculously so. I can likely have most fish I'd like as long as they don't require SUPER soft water. :)
I think Apistogramma Cacatuoides is one of the easiest species to raise in planted tank. However, Apisto's can become aggressive and territorial during their breeding period. And they may hunt algae eating shrimps that are commonly found in the planted tank.
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