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*Rare* plants for sale!

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I have some harder to find plants to offer with more available at respective costs, shipping is $5 USPS priority, please pm! thanks for looking!

Hedyotis sp. "Rio" - $5 for 3 stems
This isn't the most flashy stem plant there is, but it definitely is different from the rest. There are 2 leaves at each node, the plant is a light-green color, and grows straight up, often going emersed quite easily. Leaves are about an inch long.

Najas sp. "Argentina" - $8 for 6+ nodes
This species of Najas has very thin leaves, and they are somewhat spikey. The color of this plant is predominately clear green. Grows in a tight bush, does so quickly and is considered a mid-ground plant. Leaves are about 2 inches long.

Limnophila sp. "mini" - $8 for 3 stems
This is one of the smaller limnophilas, and is by far one of my favorites. What makes this plant so attractive is that the leaves and coloring of this species is quite unique. The leaves have serrated edges and are about an inch long. The plant is generally green but under bright lighting the crown of this plant turns purple, and where the veins are present in the leaf, those areas stay green, so it seems as if the leaf is purple and there are green veins in it.

Pogostemon yatabeana - $6 for 3 stems
This is another one of those not-so-flashy plants but it does create a nice contrast, this plant does not turn any colors, it is predominately light-green, leaves are about 1 1/2 inches long, this is a not often seen pogostemon species.

Hygrophila difformis "variegated" - $8 for 2 stems
This variety of difformis is awesome! by far one of my favorite cultivars, the white veining readily appears and runs all the way down the leaves and even through the fingers. It really makes an eye-catching plant!

Hygrophila sp. "Rio Araguaia" - $8 for 2 stems
This is a rare and quite unique species of Hygro! This Hygro does not get large, the crown gets to be about 3 inches across. It has very narrow and crinkly leaves which come out about 3 inches from the stem. One of the best characteristics of this plant is that it has a red vein which runs down the middles of each leaf.

Juncus repens - $7 for 3 stems (approx. 5 nodes per stem)
This plant is somewhat common but not often offered. This makes a nice background to midground plant. The leaves are flat and curl at each node.
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how long are the Hedyotis sp. "Rio" stems? i am quite interested.
what are the basic requirements for these plants. They are lovely!
fishman9809 - the hedyotis stems are quite tall! i would say about 4-5 inches tall, and ill probably include extras :)

revernance - I am growing all of these plants in the same conditions, 4-5 bubbles per sec. of co2, amazonia #1, under a compact flourescent fixture 2x96watts on a 30 gallon breeder, I also use pmdd ferts...I would also say that they are all pretty easy to grow, except the hygro. araguaia, but even then, that hygro isn't very difficult to grow, it just needs somewhat softer water to do well, i hope that answers your question? :)

i think my light is too low :(

where does this plant originate?
what type of lighting do you have? some of these might be ok in lower lighting...
im not quite sure where all of them originate from...but the one's with locality species names pretty much name the area of which they come from, and the ones with species names should already have a good amount of information on the internet :)
well, i have 18 watts over 7.4 gallons (30c), with EI dosing, DIY co2, AS amazonia, and thats about all specs, maybe ok, that stem kinda looks like arthraxon sp. 'malayasia', related maybe?
maybe related? when i first got it thats what it was named :p
i think the hedyotis can handle your conditions, they dont necessarily need high lighting, 2 1/2 watts a gallon like what you have, should be enough :)
sorry folks all plants have sold out! thanks! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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