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*RARE* plants for sale!

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I have some harder to find plants to offer with more available at respective costs, shipping is $5 USPS priority, please pm! thanks for looking!

Arthraxon hispidus - 3 stems - $8
This is by far one the more interesting and unique nano-plants. The leaves that come about 3/4 inch out from the stem have a silver sheen on them. Under brighter light, the leaves at the crown turn a light purple color.

Hygrophila sp. "Guinea" - 1 stem - $8
This Hygro from Guinea, is one of the more interesting stem plants to come out of Africa as of recent. This plant can grow a little large, the leaf span can reach about 5 inches. As you can see the leaves are deeply serrated, all the way to the tip, a very unique background plant.

Polygonum sp. "Porto Velho" - 1 stem - $5
This species of polygonum is characterized by the ears that come backwards where the leaf meets the stem. Also the leaves are somewhat crinkly, and can turn dark red in the right conditions.

Cabomba sp. "silver leaf" - 1 stem - $5
This species of cabomba is one of my favorites, as you can see the coloration of this leaf is such that from the stem outward, it alternates from green to white/silver, and back to green. It looks almost like fireworks! The leaves only come out from the stem about an 1 1/2 inches, not a large stem plant, i would consider it mid-back ground.

Myriophyllum matogrossense - A LARGE BUNCH approx. 15+ stems - $10 (one-time only)

Rotala rotundifolia (sp."green") - A LARGE BUNCH approx. 15+ stems - $10 (one-time only)
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PM sent for Hygrophila sp. guinea
myrio matogrosso has been sold, thank you!
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