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As usual when im out checking out any petstore I look for what i consider rare or semi-rare species that I dont normally see around. Well i came across a tank of 'eyecatching' rasboras. They had been labeled along the lines of sawbuna (sawsomething) red nose rasbora. Right away i knew ID'ing the fish would be a pain since most stores incorrectly label their fish. Well Ive been searching for a while on google for any red nose rasbora, Hemigrammus species, ect and I cant find anything that matches with this fish.

So asking nicely, can anyone help me ID this fish.

There are two images of them here :

Their noses are red and so are the tips of their claudal fin. In the store where they were more settled their top portion of their body was a nice blue color which is nearly absent in these pictures.

Thanks for any suggestions or help ID'ing this rasbora.

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