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Rasbora vaterifloris

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After lusting after these cool fish in magazines and books I finally found some at Exotic Aquatics a couple of months ago. They've proven to be some of my favorite fish so far. They school tightly and are very active. They're bright orange fins are a sight to behold. It's too bad my photography skills and camera aren't up to the task of getting a better picture.

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How many did you end up with? I assume they'e wild caught......
I bought 30, but I think I ended up with about 45 or so. Minus the 4 or 5 that have jumped out (they're a bit skiddish) and I have probably have about 40 left.

I think they are wild caught. They were labeled as Dwarf Fire Rasbora. I knew right away what they were once I saw them. :)
I've seen them in Aaron's tank and can say that these are some of the very coolest schoolers I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, they're awfully hard to find!
That's a very nice looking fish. It reminds me somewhat of Hyphessobrycon columbianus (aka red and blue Columbian tetra). What size tank are they in?
Very nice. Is this a newer species for aquarium hobbyists, Aaron, just plain hard to find?
I think it's a newer species in the hobby, at least in the states. I've seen it in Aqua Journals before.

They're in an ADA 90-P (about 46 gallons).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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