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Re: How do you test a CO2 Probe

the best way i have found to check them is with 2 diff P.H. solutions. 7 and 4. make sure it reads them both and see how long it takes to change from one to the other. if it takes a long time then the probe is bad. In my manual for my sms122 it says to calibrate with both 7.04 and 4ph solutions yet they only send the 7.04. Also the sms122 is supposed to shut off if it thinks its running to long with no change and then try again later (don't know times) to prevent itself from dosing to much.

I Also use a drop checker because i dont trust my ph controller. because their are alot of things that can trick its readings. another trick i do is have my bubble counter set at a normal rate i.e. 2bps so even if it does somehow get stuck by either a solenoid failure or a controller failure it still wont raise the Co2 in the aquarium to dangerous high or low levels.

just my 2 cents.

good luck
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