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Re-introduction from an old member

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Hello friends,

It has been a very long time since my last post here. Even tough from time to time I was checking to see what was going on here I couldn't find the time to post a message or read thoroughly due to tight schedule of works. Nowadays I'm able to spare some more time and would like to share more with you. I have been in this hobby since the days I first learned alphabet. In each tank I had there were plants and usualy were more important than the fishes. So the years have passed and following my discovery of APC 4-5 years ago and absorbing some of the intensive knowledge shared here (thanks to everybody), my vision and understanding evolved into new dimensions and caused me to fall in this hobby more than ever.

But this has been the beginning of many problems for me and some friends inspired by me. Because I was not able to find even the most basic equipments and chemicals to maintain a planted tank. I'm not even getting the plants into account. There were only 4-5 species available and the tanks made were pathetic at best and totally DIY. Trough an old friend LFS, I was asking to all importers here in Turkey if they had fishes, plants, materials I was looking for without any success. No one would know what SAE stood for, invertebrates were only for dinner. Idea of pumping CO2 to the tank while searching for some equipment, wow, I was considered as crazy. These forced me to a new direction and after discussing this with my friend LFS, we decided to find what was necessary and bring it to Turkey by ourselves.

Time passed and soon the dark ages were over. Now we have everything at our hands. Some examples: Our last count in the aquatic plants page was showing more than 300 different live plants. Where nobody could find a SAE, now we see 4 different Ottocinclus species and many shrimps and other rarities everyday. While pumping CO2 to the tank were considered as crazy, now we have more than 20 types of diffusers. We are also Turkey dealer of TROPICA. Everyday new products and brands are starting to be available. All these works resulted a boost in this hobby and I can tell that many hundreds if not thousands of people fall into this planted tanks hobby after all my efforts. I'm also sharing the knowledge I have accumulated during this period in a planted tanks forum here in Turkey.

Why I'm posting this long re-introduction message is only for showing my gratitude to APC and to thank again for the intensive knowledge shared and organized here. I also wanted to show what APC caused me to achieve here in Turkey as well.
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Welcome back! It has been a while, hasn't it?
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