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The canopy cracked the tank :cry:

Yup. My week old 125 gallon tank fractured right down the middle because the canopy that came with it is slightly racked. While I was trying to adjust it (the canopy) it applied just enough torque to the rim to crack the front glass. It wasn't an AGA tank with the double bracing (just a single brace down the middle). The guy I bought it from said he got it from PetCo so maybe it was an Oceanic.

Good news is that the crack didn't leak so I was able to empty the tank without causing any damage to the house. Bad news is that I lost all four of my baby SAEs in the holding bucket while I was out getting a new tank...well that, and I had to buy a new tank :(

Ok, I just went to check the tank for level and found that the front left corner is about 3/32" low. It was perfectly level last week when I filled the first tank. Looks like I'll be draining the tank tomorrow morning so I can shim up the stand.

It's times like these that make my wife wish I had a different hobby.
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