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Tropicals are my world!! Colocasias, elephant ear likes water or wet feet. They have a cousin call Alocaisas. Alocasias like water, in their native form and habitat they grow under damp wet conditions. Unlike colocasias they have a more upright quality than it's cousin. There are many sites that offer cultivator's that are of varying heights, texture and variations of colorations. Ferns would accommodate the existing site you have. When we were at your home I was drooling over that type of environment. You have so much to work with that is there. If memory serves me you have ML lighting over the entire area? Not sure the look you are trying to achieve but it is really a nice set up you have. Terrarium plants are high humidity not necessarily high water so possibly looking at really thirsty plants that are both small with varying textures. Mosses would be great along the edges.
Think river banks. The edges of the Turtle Creek in Dallas are covered in Elephant Ears.

The Alocasias are waking up down in the Greenhouses. Most of mine are of the larger variety, but several I could see as a taller background plants for the bog. I could see increasing the soil height to allow more rock matter on the bottom layer. An easy fix for terrestrial plants plant issues is just simple humidity. You have fantastic light above the bog. Lack of humidity leads to insects in a home/office environment. Add a humidifier to the loft and see if that helps. One of the GH's is very tight and if I do not keep it watered well and often we wilt and get red spider fast!! That house has electric heat and it dries things out way to fast. Just zaps the air.
One thing that a lot of us in the tropical community use is lava sand and charcoal in our soil mixes. If you want I can chat with some of my tropicals friends and see what might work best for your environment. See if they have any suggestions. Most have ponds some even in their greenhouses.
You Bog is great I could spend the day discovering it.
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