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Reccomend some plants for a 20g long.

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I've been fighting the layout of my 20g long for a while. I can't seem to get it to a point that I'm happy with it, mainly due to it's shallowness.

Reccomend me some plants I could consider (ones available in the US).

Setup is:
20g long tank
Eco-complete mixed with some Tahitian Moon black sand
55w AHSupply kit w/ reflector, as well as a 20w NO fixture.
Pressurized CO2

Some "Blank-slate" pics of the tank, with my "dragon-head" driftwood ;)

Latest pic before I pulled tons of stuff out due to bad algae infestation (no CO2 at the time, nor decent ferts): (Vinyl tubing was clear :cry: )
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Re: plants for 20G

shannon said:
Hi Fly....
If you live anywhere near Lancaster PA, and have never visited "That Fish Place", that would be a great place to start. They have the best plant selectoin I've ever seen in a pet store and fairly knowledgable staff (at least they did a few years ago the last time I was there), They also carry more fish species than I've ever seen. If you haven't been there and you're not too far away; go and enjoy :D Shannon
PA/MD/DC/VA guys & girls,

if you haven't been Aquarium Center, thats a place you really need to go. compare That Fish Place and Aquarium Center, AC definitely has more fishes and plants in my opinion. its only 1.5 hrs driving from Lancaster to AC. TRUST me. its a worth trip. you wont disappoint!!!

here is AC's website:

you will definitely fine some fishes and plants that RARELY see in your LFS.

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