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Reccomend some plants for a 20g long.

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I've been fighting the layout of my 20g long for a while. I can't seem to get it to a point that I'm happy with it, mainly due to it's shallowness.

Reccomend me some plants I could consider (ones available in the US).

Setup is:
20g long tank
Eco-complete mixed with some Tahitian Moon black sand
55w AHSupply kit w/ reflector, as well as a 20w NO fixture.
Pressurized CO2

Some "Blank-slate" pics of the tank, with my "dragon-head" driftwood ;)

Latest pic before I pulled tons of stuff out due to bad algae infestation (no CO2 at the time, nor decent ferts): (Vinyl tubing was clear :cry: )
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Java fern for the plants behind the loach cave :0 and good :)

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