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I know plenty of folks who have either shipped or received shrimp completely cross-country (California to East Coat) via Priority Mail and never had a single problem with the shrimps arriving alive and healthy. As long as the shrimp are healthy to begin with, and packed properly, there is really no need for Express shipping unless there are really unusual circumstances.

I know for myself, when it comes to buying shrimp online I am always very wary of any seller who insists that you "must" choose Express shipping. That's hogwash. Typically in that scenario one of three things is happening:

  1. They are charging you significantly more than their actual shipping expenses (e.g. charging you $45 for Express shipping when it is only costing them around $30 to ship the parcel) other words, essentially taking advantage of the cost of Express Mail in order to over-inflate their total selling price and thus pocket even more money for themselves.
  2. They are raising inferior quality shrimp, thus a 3 or 4 day trip that healthy shrimp would survive without problems, this particular seller's inferior quality shrimp can't survive...thus the seller insists on Express Mail since they've learned from past experience that their shrimp don't survive when shipped via Priority Mail. (Note this could also be the case if a seller tries to ship adult shrimp--which typically fare much worse in shipping than juvenile shrimp do.)
  3. The seller doesn't know how to package their shrimp properly, and thus they have experienced shrimp losses via Priority Mail in the past where, if the shrimp had been packaged correctly, the shrimp would have done fine. Do they include something (small) in the bag for the shrimplets to hold on to? Do they use Kordon breather bags? Do they use hot/cold packs if outside temps call for it? etc.

The moral of the story is: healthy, juvenile shrimp, well-packaged, should not have a problem being shipped even completely cross-country via Priority Mail. That means ~ 3 days, and the shrimp should be fine.
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