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Lets put it this way... I'm in Cincinnati, and I ship 10-15 boxes of shrimp a week (on average). I prefer to ship Priority on SATURDAYS, as they seem to travel faster (yes they do travel on Sundays, just not delivered).

Only twice have I had buyers want Express and that was because they wanted their shrimp fast, and they were going to be leaving to go somewhere and didn't want to miss them.

Last week I shipped a box from Cincinnati, to Dutch Harbor Alaska... Priority. I shipped out on a Saturday and by Friday I had positive feedback. Although I am not sure which day they were received my guess is that it was probably Tues or Wed... either way, the Snowballs traveled well and I was given good feedback.

Earlier this summer I shipped a box Priority to a US Navy personnel from here to Massachusetts. After I had made the shipping label he called and informed that there was a mistake on the shipping information and he gave me his old address. I went to the Post Office and the guy at the counter told me to cross out the information and write the correct address... and not to worry about the barcode on the box; that it meant almost nothing. Wary, but running later for work, I left it there. A week later and I was given word that they had not shown up. Great... Oh yeah, these were (12) 1.5" fish (Cichlids - Julidochromis species) that were being shipped in a double breather bag.

Turns out was that the barcode was read, and it was shipped to the next PO. It said the box was at the right place, but someone forwarded to the next post office as that was what was written on the label. When the 2nd post office received it, the barcode was read again, it went back to 1st PO. At the Post Office they call it a "looping package"... after 3 tries it gets kicked out (usually) and it's investigated. After 2 1/2 weeks I get a phone call from my customer saying he finally received the box... and oh yeah, out of the 12 fish, only 2 were dead!!!!!

Moral of the story: The breather bags are an amazing "new" technology to this hobby... and as long as the water is clean, the fish are healthy, and temperatures are within a tolerable range, they will do well.
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