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Red Cherry Shrimp for trade question

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Hi guys,
In about a week my tank will be ready for transplant :rolleyes: (i am converting my 55g to a 29G).
My plants look really bad as I have hair algae all over them, but at least my shrimps are really happy about it :)
As I spent approx triple budget on the stand that we are biulding for the 29G tank, I don't want to spend more $$$ on plants. but I have a lot of shrimps so i thought what do you think about the following deal:

I give you red cherry shrimps and i pay for the shipping.
You give me plants and you pay the shipping for them.

So for 5 bucks and some plants you get certain amount of shrimps.

With help I would make a list, like:

1 anubias with at least 4 leaves = 5 shrimps
5 stems of hornwort = 5 shrimps
1 golfball size christmas moss = 5 shrimps
5 stems of wisteria = 5 shrimps
I don't know...

Do you think it would be a fair deal?
The plants I am looking for are low/medium light plants.
Wisteria, christmas moss, anubias, horwort, marsilea, bacopa etc. Whatever you have for low/medium light.
What I don't need is java moss, java fern, sword, crypto and vals.
I ordered boxes for shipping and Kordon breathing bags also. I should receive them next week...
If you don't think this is a fair deal, please just let me know.

I don't want to get rid of all my shrimps, but i have a lot. little ones and adults mixed. I'll try to make some photos of the shrimps, but i am so ashamed of the hair algae 8-[ :pout:

Today I am buying some sponge filter for helping with the cycle:) And putting on the doors and the last coat of polyuterane :) Whoohoo:)
Have a nice day:)
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Just some photos of the shrimps... never mind the algae pls:)

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I put a hold on this. Nobody was interested here, but I have 5 people from the other forum to trade with, and I don't want to run out of shrimps.
Thanks for looking...
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