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I used to have this system and what I found good about it is the size. I used it on a 10 gal at the time. The bad about it is the plastic Needle Valve (NV) that comes with it, It has to be adjusted many times throughout the day to get a good flow of CO2. I ended up buying a good brass NV separately Like a JBJ or fabco.

If you dont care about the size you may want to think about a full size tank, #5 or #10 size tank, and a milwaukee regulator. You may find one used for about the same price.

A #5 or #10 tank last around 6 months to a year respectively at $10 a fill, where as a paintball cylinder last for a little over a month with a brass NV at $4 a fill.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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