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If you're getting a color cast, then something is "fooling" your white balance. Usually what I do is try all the presets first. I'm sure that your Olympus has at least 3 Flourescent settings, an incandesant setting, sunlight, cloudy, etc... Try them all and compare side by side. Some will be awful, but you may find your fix in there. Further-- It helps to know how your camera will act under those settings in real life situations, so the experiment will be fun :)

You'll need to fool with white balance at first on any set of different aquaria lights anyway, so this is step one. If that doesn't work, then you'll need to play with your manual white balance if your camera supports that. My Olympus' do, so I don't see why yours wouldn't.

I use a white piece of plastic that I lean up against some plants or the back glass and then save those settings. I haven't had to fiddle with mine for quite some time, so I don't remember the exact procedure.

IME, I find the Camedia Master software to be not so great at fixing color issues, but you can improve them a bunch if you play around a bit. Take your sharpest, most in focus pic, and play with the color. You may be able to fix existing prints that way.
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