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Well if your new to this photography stuff then messing around and taking random pictures in different light settings is a good way to start. To fix this problem I''m pretty sure all you need to do is mess with the white balance settings. However...for a more quick and easier solution, you can def fix it on the computer. Most of the time I use photoshop that has the auto adjust function. I click on that and the program adjusts the picture as if the white balance is correct thus making the pictures look fine and dandy for net use. NOt too sure if you have photoshop or not, but I'm sure alot of third-party freeware or shareware have the same functions. I apologize for not knowing which ones(since I already have photoshop), but since you are new, another way of becoming a better digital photographer is chosing the right programs you want to use to edit your images. When you have the time, I recommend you to go search and see what they have. IMO, I hate the software that usually comes bundled with a digital camera. Funcitons are too limited.
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