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I am sure that it was not meant that way but some tolerance towards other likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness goes a long way to a better world. Remember that generally all businesses devolve to making a profit or going out of business. Any of the fish we keep would not be available if someone wasn't making money off of the sale.

Saying you have Algae is akin to saying you have Cancer. Which one do you have? There are many that go under that name and we all have struggled with them. Like the common cold...when conditions are right it appears. There are answers to all phenomanon and most of them have been answered but it still occurs.

Many of the things that our Fish do in a tank are things we are not aware of. Just because we do not see Algae does not mean it isn't there. The tiny fish live in a totally different world than we do. Otos can be a difficult fish. I try to buy only fat ones (distended belly) to keep the mortality down and it helps. A sign of shrunken bellies on otherwise healthy Otos that have been in the tank for a while is not good but most of mine show up regurlarly looking OK and I have been relatively Algae free for many months.

Any excess Algae can be harvested and tossed in the garbage or leaves that have some of the tougher kinds can simply be removed as leaves will grow back.
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