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Just to intro myself. I live in Australia and have been mostly on the marine side of things for the last 10 or so years and recently switched across from a reef tank to the planted scene. Unfortunately an electrical fault in my house led to a power failure and the subsequent decimation of my reef tank while i was on Holiday (ouch). Can't afford/face the task of restocking and re-establishing in marine so I've switched over. I'll describe what I have so far.

I have converted the original 180g tank to an emergent landscape (I've only half filled it with a bit of a cascade at one end for interest). I had to reduce the weight on my floor as an builder advised me that my raised floor couldn't sustain a full 180g - and I'd been lucky so far...... So its about 120g now (including the 20g sump) and a 800g/hr main pump.

I have the original reef lighting system (Arcadia 3x 250w MH). I have fitted C02 (I had most of the CO2 stuff from my calcium reactor - so buying the Co2 reactor was a minor additional expense).

I have a wide range of plants (crypts, swords, lotus, bolbitis, spadderdock etc) and some fish (6-7 small rainbows, 4-5 catfish and a clown loach or two) just to add some movement for my kids.

Current stats are pH 7.1, KH 10, GH 80, PO4=0.5ppm, NH3=0.

Its cycling at the moment (I've had it for about 3 months) so I'm going through the usual algae battle (hair algae, fuzz and a little BBA). I think I'm getting on top of it due to the stuff I've read in these forums which have been really helpful (increasing C02 for example - which is having an effect already on the BBA). I've also reduced the lighting by taking out one of the 250w lamps from the MH light housing as I think this is contributing to the problem (still leaves me with the other two and 4-5 watts/g which is OK I think). I've read alot about the Excel stuff so I did my first dose of that today. We'll see what happens in the coming days.

I'm also thinking of reducing my circulation rate (get a smaller pump) as I'm conscious that the cascades I have, sump filter etc are not helping my CO2 retention. I'm running Co2 at about 3 bubbles per second - but I might up this slightly as well.

Anyway I'm really impressed with the vibrance and action in these forums and look forward to joining in. I'll link a picture when I can see through the hair algae :(
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