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Regarding Pellia (Monosolenium tenerum) and Vals

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Hi Friends !

I hope all is well and great !

Just wanted to request for some guidance and help-

Actually I'm getting some Pellia (Monosolenium tenerum) and just wanted to request if somebody can kindly guide me on how to plant it in my aquarium. I have no prior experience in tying moss / ferns / anubias to rocks and wood and I dont want to do it wrong. I've got it with very great difficulty and for a huge sum of money. I'm afraid that I may damage the plant.

Kindly guide me if I can tie it on small pieces of rough rocks ? While tying the plant, do I just hold all the portions together as a single rough mass and tie it to the rock piece ? Will too much pressure cut / destroy / damage the plant ? Will the plant eventually get attached to the rock by itself ? Also can the plant do well / survive in low-light conditions ?

Sorry for so many questions, but its just that I've never even seen the plant before. It will be a great-great help if somebody can kindly guide me on the above questions and give me a step-by-step way to plant the plant well.

Also wanted to request you to kindly let me know if Vallisneria can do well in low light condition. My light is 3 x 30W Flr.Tube Light for my 4 feet (2 feet deep), 50 Gallon tank.

Kindly guide and help me friends...
Thanks and Regards to all,
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Friends, kindly guide me...
Friends, kindly guide me...
val should do fine and yes you just clump it and tie it down
HI Friends,

I have placed an order with Aquatic Magic on Ebay and after reading about Pellia on the internet, I feel that I should cancel the Pellia and buy Marimo Balls instead (I still have time to change my order)

Just wanted to request you to kindly guide me if I can keep these Marimo Balls (
in my Frontosa / Brichardi Tank ? Will the fish eat them ? Will plecos / shrimps eat them ? Are they easy to maintain ?

Kindly guide me Friends...
Thanks and Regards
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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